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Nordea Bank S.A. in Switzerland Tries to Hide Crucial Info


Nordea Bank S.A. in Switzerland is in the process of downsizing in the way Sydbank did, we believe. We may recall that this other bank, after cheating the tax offices of several European countries out of millions, was forced to close down (an acclaimed Julie Toft, from the Jyllands Posten, was responsible for the mess Sydbank got involved in).

Now Nordea, keen to cover their tracks, have been erasing very incriminating web-based information so that lawyers acting for Spanish-based Equity Release victims could not prove certain questions of fact, principally related to Inheritance Tax evasion.


These are the links they have erased (in the last few weeks):

Erased link number 1

Erased link number 2

Erased link number 3


Watch this information whilst it lasts in Google cache!

(Naughty Nordea, you did not really have to stoop so low…)



Nasty Nordea Bank S.A. Desperate to Shirk Responsibility

Nordea Bank S.A. lawyers use the tactics that you would expect to find in what is called a Rambo lawyer. They will try to distract the Courts with various underhanded moves and confuse them, attempting to win at any cost even if it is at the expense of the credibility of their own client.

Let us explain further: Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg operates in Spain via its Marbella office, run by podgy Jesper Hertz. Some of the contracts that Nordea Bank S.A. signed with their very unfortunate clients were done so by the Luxembourg based Nordea, which is an S.A. (kind of plc), whereas others were by the company Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg, Zweigniederlassung Zürich, which their Swiss branch.

According to Nordea’s clever lawyers, the Swiss branch is a separate company altogether and is to be sued separately, as it has no connection with the Luxembourg parent company from where it has taken its name (we are sure of that, yeah, it was actually us who put them in touch with each other and that is why they now get on famously).

Well, some points to consider here when dealing with those Rambo lawyers’ antics:

– Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg, Zweigniederlassung Zürich is not authorized to operate in Spain, according to the Bank of Spain. So if it is not legally authorized, how come they offer banking products here?

– Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg, Zweigniederlassung Zürich uses Jesper Hertz to sign all of its contracts, as does its parent company. That surely must be a coincidence!

– Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg, Zweigniederlassung Zürich responds to clients’ letters through their Luxembourg office…strange?

– Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg, Zweigniederlassung Zürich responds to clients’ angry letters with letterheaded paper from their Luxembourg parent company…they must have run out of corporate stationery.

– Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg, Zweigniederlassung Zürich uses the same lawyers as the parent company, and also deals with clients through the Marbella branch, and also shares the website of the parent company in Luxembourg, and perhaps, after all, they are the one and only company…

But realistically, who is surprised by a banking conglomerate that invites people, with properties in Spain, through their prolific advertising offered from their Spanish branch office, to defraud the Spanish Tax Office?



Strategic Asset Allocation: Nordea in Spain Trying to Wash Its Face

Spanish online journal El Confidencial has today published an article on Nordea Strategic Asset Allocation, under the following heading:


Sadly, little does the author know about the real predatory nature of this product, the careless and incompetent people that run it and the devious lawyers that protect it. Not to mention that, once you have been ripped-off, you will be told that Spanish regulators have no jurisdiction over Nordea activities in the country.

At ERVA, we think it is time to rename this product and have proposed the following:

  • Sourcing Assets Abroad
  • Stealing Abodes Abroad
  • Strategic Abode Allocation
  • Strategic Apartment Appropriation

Let us have your comments!

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