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The Premier Balanced Fund and Surrenda Link Mortgage


The Premier Balanced Fund was described as an “experienced investor fund”, restricting it to people capable of understanding the risks, but they needed a lender who could come up with 40 million Euros to invest in their fund.

SLM Funding Nº1 Limited won the tender process: it was selected by the Premier Group (Isle of Man) Ltd. to find those 40 million Euros, an order they carried out efficiently: Aareal Bank was convinced to pool resources, some say Rothschild too…

But there was an added element in the form of bricks and mortar: approximately 100 Spanish properties would be used as collateral to ensure that, if the investments went down, 200-odd British pensioners could be made responsible of footing the bill.

The “experienced investor fund” is now probably worth less than half and the ex- mariners, ex-policemen, house wives and other Spain-based retirees who were instilled with the Fear of God with the Spanish Inheritance Tax -and fell for the scam- have their properties, and lives, bogged down.

Perverse Nicky Flux, loyal till death to SLM, keeps sending her monthly letter out to pensioners…letters coming from a company that would disgrace any Nigerian 419 business.

Terms & Conditions

The Premier Balanced Fund plc (“the Company”) is an experienced investor fund and complies with the requirements of the Financial Supervision (Experienced Investor Fund) (Exemption) Order 1999 (the “Order”) of the Isle of Man. Shares in the Company are only available to persons sufficiently experienced to understand the risks associated with an investment in the Company and who are willing to invest more than the minimum specified in the Order.The Value of shares in the Company, and the income produced by them can fall as well as rise. Investors may not get back the value of their original investment.The Company, is not subject to any form of regulation or approval in the Isle of Man and investors are not protected by any Isle of Man statutory compensation arrangements in the event of the failure of any of them. The Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission does not vouch for the financial soundness of the Company or for the correctness of any statements made or opinions expressed with regard to any of the same. It is the responsibility of any person/s wishing to apply for Shares in the Company to inform themselves of, and to observe, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.

I have read and understood the above information


Surrenda Link Mortgage Holdings and Tax Evasion

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Surrenda Link Mortgage Holdings, sister company of the above noted, had the best advisors money could buy: PINSENT MASONS.

According to a press release, 40 million Euros were granted to primarily non-resident Spanish property owners.

According to the ‘Governor’ of this transaction, it was a very challenging task that they nonetheless successfully fullfiled.

This is that Rupinder Sehmi, from Via Capital Limited, said:

Via Capital has the objective of providing our clients with focused capital and funding solutions that concurrently meet capital market investor requirements. Our role as advisor to the innovative mortgage originator, Surrenda-link Mortgage Holdings Limited, proved Via Capital’s strength in matching originator and investor objectives, whilst demonstrating our ability to structure and execute complex cross boarder real-estate transactions.’

Rupinder however was not aware of what really lied behind it all: misselling, lying, cheating, tax evasion on a grand scale, anguish, anxiety, stress…

Below are some questions Rupinder should be asked:

Did you notice that neither Surrenda Link or Premier Balanced Fund Ltd. were allowed to operate in Spain?

How complex was it to find a witless lawyer in Bilbao that would sign off millions of euros worth of mortgages on the pretext that it would promote legitimate, lawful ‘tax avoidance’?

What do you really meant by “complex boarder real-estate transactions”?

Are you aware that, by application of the Spanish Civil Code, your clients could end up losing the full 40 million Euros?

Article 1,306. If the deed which constitutes the unlawful cause should not constitute a crime or misdemeanour, the following rules shall be observed:

  1. Where both contracting parties are at fault, none of them may recover what he has given pursuant to the contract, or claim the performance of what the other should have offered.
  2. Where only one contracting party is at fault, he may not recover what he has given pursuant to the contract, or demand the performance of what he should have been offered. The other, who was a stranger to the unlawful cause, may claim what he has given, without the obligation to perform what he should have offered.


“Spanish Equity Release Product”: SYDBANK and NYKREDIT caught with their pants down

Nykredit’s lawyers maintain that, in respect of the Spanish Equity Release Product offered by their Marbella office in conjunction with Sydbank, the biggest offending bank ever to come to Spain (opened an office yet had not informed the Bank of Spain, or the Central Bank of Denmark, for that matter), both banks offered two separate services. We disagree with the first statement, for obvious reasons, but coincide in that they were 2 services: one consisted on predatory lending and the second, on mis-investing hundreds of thousand of Euros (or stealing them as nobody knows where the money went).

According to them, it was David Driver who duly put them in touch and ever since, they got on famously.

Well, it now appears that Karen Frosig, CEO for Sydbank, is also on the board of directors of Nykredit.



Danske Bank Luxembourg to be Deposed


Following a recent visit by Euan A. lawyers to the Criminal Court 1 in Fuengirola, it has been established that Danske Bank Luxembourg is now to be finally deposed via the European Judicial Network in criminal matters (EJN), in Luxembourg.

Danske Bank lawyers have been persistent in attempting to avoid, at all cost, the interrogation of the defendant parties. The tactics have so far been unsuccessful save for achieving a delay of a few months; the implications, however, could be expensive to its perpetrators for Court officials are of the opinion that there is a clearly defined strategy to maliciously prevent the normal progress of the proceedings and hamper the efforts of the claimant to obtain, via the Spanish Courts, a defendant’s statement within a criminal case.

Notably, Danske Bank insists that this is a purely civil dispute that should be conveniently ventilated by Civil Courts and yet, cannot and willl not explain why is their publicity false, fraudulent and proposes tax evasion openly. Surely, if they had nothing to worry about they would sooner be giving a clarifying statement than hiding behind slow EU cross-border plaintiff interrogation mechanisms.

Finally, it is worth noting that  the claimant’s counsel has indicated that both Mr. Morten Runo Waaben and Mr. Henrik Hjerrild Hansen should be deposed via the appropriate channels but that, if they felt a compelling desire to come out clean they could, through their advisors, request an appointment with the Fuengirola Court to give their statements.


Finansbanken Equity Release: ERVA Looking for Whistleblowers

Pernille Bering   

ERVA is looking for witnesses that can testify that these two ladies, Pernille Bering and Maria Tremurici-Falter, attended a meeting at a hotel with an unsuspecting victim with a view to explain, in a matter of just over an hour, the advantages of a 2.5 million Strategic Allocation Product Equity Release to a German pensioner.

This product was the brainchild of some pen-pushing Finansbanken nerd whose credibility was established, prima facie, by the business suit he wore.

As it happened, the nerd was only interested in his salary, Pernille flew to Spain exclusively to sell an unregulated 2.5 million Euros financial product in a record time of an hour, the Strategic Asset Allocation fiasco, and Maria Tremurici, a Kristina Szekely wannabe, was dragged in to finally convince the German speaking customers of the beauties of this great Danish tax-evasion product.

Finansbanken, now infamous Jyske Bank, is soon to expand its Costa del Sol property porfolio once they commence repossession proceedings.

Nordea Could Lose Danish Banking License over CIBOR Scandal

Nordea Bank



The title of this post should make us ask the following question: what would happen in Spain if Nordea lost it’s Danish license? Probably not much in Spain because Jesper Hertz, the insatiable Nordea Bank S.A. Marbella-based employee, has signed over 200 Spanish Tax Office cheating mortgages on Spanish property and he intends that all loans are repaid back and where not, properties are reclaimed through the Courts.

He is a man on a mission!














Sydbank has always denied having collaborated with Nykredit on distributing a tax evasion product from Switzerland and Marbella, and Nykredit has always said that “they were only the lenders” and had no association whatsoever with Sydbank, other than the happy coincidence that British retirees happily living on the Costa del Sol introduced them to each other.

As compulsive-lying Nykredit henchman Frederik Meding put it, Nykredit Realkredit A/S only provided the mortgage which your clients chose to use for investment.

Or more appropriately, Morten Larsen and Kennet Nissen, from Sydbank in Aabenraa stated, the bank has not been involved in Nykredit A/S mortgaging of your clients’ properties and Nykredit has not been involved in the investment advice provided by the bank to your clients.

Furthermore, Frederik (who shokingly has not yet been sacked for allowing his firm to operate jointly with a clandestine firm, in Spain) added, as if to show his firm grip on all law matters whether EU/Danish/Spanish-you-name-it, that it is important for me to state that Nykredit is not a party to or otherwise involved in the investment service provided to you by Sydbank AG. Hence Nykredit is not in a joint venture or other kind of partnership with Sydbank AG

It is at this point where one wonders whether lying is endemic to bankers or, more particularly, Danish bankers.

The article, currently posted on Sydbanks’ website, states completely the opposite. Who is therefore lying? Sydbank or Sydbank, Nykredit or Nykredit?

Mr. Mogens Asmund, a Dane that seems to tell the truth, states the following:

Sydbank has developed mortgage offer in cooperation with Nykredit.



In Nykredit we look forward to expanding the cooperation with Sydbank financing solutions to private clients in Germany.


Based on experience with the financing of private homes in France and Spain, we can now offer our Nykredit Danish Mortgage to Danish and German Sydbank customers, says deputy director Erik Urskov, from Nykredit.

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”
― Abraham Lincoln











Jyske Bank Targeted for Tax Evasion

Jyske Bank has been targeted by a Danish TV company in respect to advice on how to defraud the Danish Tax Office.

The programme, largely filmed with a hidden camera, shows how Jyske uses the Gibraltar and Swiss branches to conduct illegal activities, described as “disgusting” by the Danish Tax Minister.

El Confidencial newspaper, who a while ago published an article that was inspired partly on an ERVA posting, is again sniping at Jyske Bank.

Great job by Niels Fastrup!

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