• The Supreme Court of Spain has upheld the illegality of 12 mortgage loans valued at six million euros, granted to British families mostly in Malaga province between 2004 and 2007, and orders land registries […]

    • We believe you mean to say jurisprudence, as jurisdiction refers to courts dealing with the cases. Yes, this resolution from Supreme Court sets a precedent,however, please bear in mind that Spanish Legal system is different to the UK and it is not based in common law.

    • The Supreme Court establishes another important factual point: that SLM was indeed an investment services’ company because “the combination of a loan and its application to an investment fund is a financial instrument of those listed on article 2 of the Stock Exchange Act”, being immaterial if claimants had or not sued related investment companies since who really managed the fund was SLM, and those investment companies were nothing but agents acting for and on behalf of SLM.

      With reference to the above statement would this also apply to Rothschild Credit select Series 4 as Rothschild had the final say in were the investment were placed and with whom they were placed with for investment as the lender had no say in the matter. Rothschild also monitored the investment as they sent out statements when people were in breach of their mortgage loan.

    • SL Mortgage Funding nº1 Limited (SLMF), based in Chester (UK), had not applied for the necessary regulatory permits to legally raise funds from the public and provide an investment service – activities reserved and regulated by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV (financial regulator).

      Whilst Rothschild is registered in Madrid in Spain the Credit Select 4 Series was put together by Rothschild Rothschild Bank (CI) Limited in Guernsey did they the hold necessary regulatory permits to legally raise funds from the public and provide an investment service in the Provence Of Malaga

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    Did Nordea have regulatory approval to operate in Spain? It is a significant issue, given the ruling by the court in Bilbao which declared that mortgage loans, investment vehicles or other such instruments would be declared null and void.

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    I am late to the party, so forgive me if I am covering old ground, but I have just read an article by Antonio Flores in the Olive Press from 2016 in which he states that the Supreme Court has ruled that several cases brought against a number of banks could result in contracts signed by expats being declared void.

    One of the banks named was…[Read more]

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    In October 2013, Nordea SA appeared in the Malaga court. The judge found against Nordea on a number of issues, but deferred sentencing until 2015. Where would I find a record of the 2015 judgement? I an find no record in the newspapers, nor is there any mention of it on this site.

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    In February 2020 Nordea Luxembourg, where all the Managed Capital Mortgages were handled, went into liquidation. I would suggest that they saw what was happening in Spain in respect of other similar mortgages and decided to divest themselves of the mortgage business to protect the rest of their business. The liquidators are Reviva, who may not…[Read more]

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    We have initiated legal proceedings against Nordea, who are in liquidation. There have been no recent posts by Nordea victims. Do we know where we are in respect of legal precedent. Have any cases yet been heard against Nordea?

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  • International Property Finance’s bid to have its response writ accepted by a Fuengirola Court has been rejected for being filed late. “IPFSL”, an Rothschild’s offshoot that operated in Spain without regulatory […]

    • As a victim of Danske Bank cheating me I agree with Lawbird that these powerful rich financial institutions such as Rothschild Bank and Swiss Life Luxembourg are delaying as much as they possibly can trying to await the deaths of their victims furthermore in the hope that the old age pensioners will give up trying to sue them for their misdemeanours. Also they have not been successful in many of their defences of the Courts actions in Spain and may have fear of more exposure in the Press. Thus we members of the EQUITY RELEASE VICTIMS ASSOCIATION must continue to pursue the banks who robbed us of our savings.

    • Rothschild dependent entity but they are happy to jump into bed with unregulated so called financial advisers like Hamiltons Financial Services SL and anyone one else that would sell their credit select 4 scam.

  • Nykredit and Landsbanki, desperate to avoid Spanish judges examining their corrupted mortgage loans -sold as benign “equity release” tax-avoiding legal instruments- have seen their motions to relocate the […]

  • Landsbanki in liquidation (perpetual it seems) and Jyske Bank are trying everything within their reach to have their cases extracted from Spanish Court and dealt with unfamiliar and likely bank-friendly […]

    A parliamentary group is to call for a crackdown on scam pension schemes
    The Daily Mail exposed tens of thousands had lost up to £10billion in the scams
    Army veterans, police officers and firemen were among the workers affected
    Many of the victims relied on the fact the schemes were registered with…[Read more]

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  • Hello All, in February, 2019, we had a call from Salvadore to say that our case had been won in Bilbao, BUT SLM were going to contest the decision. We had a call last week to say that once again we had won our case in the Supreme Court in Madrid BUT SLM were considering contesting again!Salvador thought that it was unlikely to go ahead. At the…[Read more]

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  • On September 23rd, the First Instance Courts No 2 in Novelda (Alicante) pronounced a sentence whereby a false equity release scheme, signed up by an octogenarian British couple in 2007,  was rendered void […]

    • I doubt if Caixa Bank are worried. They will appeal, the Supreme Court will sit on it for God knows how long and the plaintiffs will pass away before the case is settled. How many of the plaintiffs involved with the Bilboa SLM judgement are still alive?

    • Have the victims received their 400,000€ yet?

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    Will be at the court case on the 12th November 2019 any one else going.

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