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ERVA Discusses the Legalities of the Denunciation to be Lodged at the Tax Office on 9-4-2012 (Video)

Tax Office Building in Malaga

Euan Armstrong and Antonio Flores discuss the denunciation to be lodged with the Spanish Hacienda, that is to be held on the 9th of April 2012, at 12.00 am, in the Delegacion de la A.E.A.T. de Málaga (map). Claimants will gather outside at 11.30 a.m. for a peaceful protest and it is expected that the different press will cover the action.

The denunciation consist of a writ to the Tax Office informing them that the denounced bank(s), with a view to capture new clients, offered a product that supposedly would mitigate the impact of Inheritance and Wealth Taxes when, as it has turned out, actually consisted on a tax fraud proposition for such taxes could have never been avoided.

The writ will be standardized and denouncers will just have to fill out their personal details, the bank involved and the date of signing of the mortgage deed. We will load the denunciation on this website on the following days. Denouncers will be able to fill out the form at home, and bring it to the meeting, or fill it out on day and have it signed.

The only document that will be required is a copy of the mortgage deeds, or escritura de préstamo hipotecario. This can be sent to either Euan or Ian, or can be brought to the meeting. 

Danske Bank Luxembourg Agreed to Settle With an 85-year Old British Couple Not Before Extracting an Apology

Klaus “Monster” Pedersen, the same high-flying executive who thought to be above-board to sell his Spanish tax-evading equity release products to old-age pensioners, preferably through Costa-del-Sol financial cowboys, promising them it was a miracle-product (only to later make the advice disappear from the company website), found that further humiliating his victims by extracting an apology was correct, not before taking €300,000 from them. 

Humiliator-in-Chief Pedersen had to agree on a settlement after his company was approached by Sharon Bowles, MEP for the victims, but took great offence that the matter had “transpired” because in opaque Luxembourg, where he is based, washing dirty-linen in public was seen as a sacrilege, particularly with tax-evasion being high on the agenda.

Will he be asking for an apology from the largest Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, for stating that they actively promoted tax fraud through Costa-cowboys?

Revealed: Defending Lawyer’s Previous Law Firm Considered Nordea’s Equity Release a Sham

Uria & Menendez, the previous employer of Mr. Jesus Perez de la Cruz, lawyer acting for Nordea, wrote in a 2006 report that coming up with a debt to reduce the value of the property was likely to be challenged by the Spanish authorities because it was a “simulation”. Just as Christen Amby, member of the Danish Taxes Assocation, said recently on occasion of the publication of a series of articles in Denmark relating to a mirror product offered by Sydbank, and in relation to the position of the Spanish Tax Office: “This is cheating the Spanish Inland Revenue”.

We understand that lawyers have a duty to defend their clients, but is it ethical to be on both sides of the fence?


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