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Court Requests Lawyers to Submit List of Deposition Questions

Court Number 1 in Denia has given lawyers acting for claimants 30 days to submit a list of questions they wish Mr. Baron David de Rothschild responds to.

The Court order implies that Mr. Baron David de Rothschild will be heard at a French Court, and not in Spain, as was initially petitioned.

Whichever way, Mr. Baron David de Rothschild will be formally indicted in a criminal case as soon as the Denia Court processes an international ‘letter rogatory’, through the Paris-based ‘liason Judge’ Javier Gómez Bermúdez (on photo) -a well-known Spanish former National Audience Court Magistrate-, in charge of providing a channel of communication to French Courts.

State Prosecutor In Favour of Mr. David de Rothschild being Deposed in France

The State Prosecutor whose opinion was sought by the Denia Court on the matter of Mr. Baron de Rothschild Summons has confirmed, in a short writ, that the deposition of the banker may take place in France -via the designated national Court-.

If this is the case, the acting lawyers will be given a date to submit a list of deposition questions, with a translation into French.

It is also possible for lawyers acting for claimants to attend the interrogation.

Baron David de Rothschild to be Summoned in France

David de Rothschild, Chairman of Rothschild Continuation Holdings and NM Rothschild & Sons, is due to be summoned in France to appear before a Denia Court.

The Court resolved to proceed with serving formal notice of legal action in the neighbouring country as a result of the State Prosecutor’s decision to not oppose the petition for summons, as requested by lawyers acting for a number of undisclosed claimants.

The presiding Judge has requested that lawyers acting for claimants identify the current address for Mr. Rothschild.

The news coincides with the the hefty $11,5 million fine imposed to Rothschild Bank AG by the U.S. Justice Department, for helping Americans conceal assets offshore.

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