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Finansbanken Equity Release: ERVA Looking for Whistleblowers

Pernille Bering   

ERVA is looking for witnesses that can testify that these two ladies, Pernille Bering and Maria Tremurici-Falter, attended a meeting at a hotel with an unsuspecting victim with a view to explain, in a matter of just over an hour, the advantages of a 2.5 million Strategic Allocation Product Equity Release to a German pensioner.

This product was the brainchild of some pen-pushing Finansbanken nerd whose credibility was established, prima facie, by the business suit he wore.

As it happened, the nerd was only interested in his salary, Pernille flew to Spain exclusively to sell an unregulated 2.5 million Euros financial product in a record time of an hour, the Strategic Asset Allocation fiasco, and Maria Tremurici, a Kristina Szekely wannabe, was dragged in to finally convince the German speaking customers of the beauties of this great Danish tax-evasion product.

Finansbanken, now infamous Jyske Bank, is soon to expand its Costa del Sol property porfolio once they commence repossession proceedings.

Bankia Employee Had No Knowledge of What He Sold

An employee of a Bankia bank branch has confirmed to the Judge that he had no understanding of the financial product he was selling to a pensioner. What he did tell his client though was that Bankia would soon be topping the lists of the most important banks in Spain: as it happened, it went bust and was bailed out.

Pernille Bering, pictured below, was responsible of signing off the largest ever Equity Release tax-evading product to a Spanish property owner (circa €3 mm) when she worked for Finansbanken. Unlike the Bankia simpleton above, we resist cynicism and continue to believe that she was just not a pretty face sent overseas to charge unencumbered homes owned by pensioners with huge mortgages, but a discernibly intelligent person with a conscience.

Pernille Bering


But Pernille let everyone down: desperate to get ahead in her carreer but unwilling to get her hands dirty, she employed a locally based housewife, Maria Tremurici-Falter, to sell to unwarned Costa del Sol pensioners millions of Euros worth of Finansbanken Strategic Asset Allocation Revolving Credit Agreements to purchase investment grade bonds (with a rating not lower than BBB- By Standard & Poor), with a special taste for participations or constributions in non-leveraged hedge funds.

Busy with appointments with her local beauty salon to have her toenails done, Maria could still spare some time to loyally fulfil the Finansbanken Equity Release Sales Programme that consisted on the following:

– Maria would advertise on locals papers on a miraculous way to avoid the horrific consequences of Spanish IHT (thankfully, we now know that the correct word is evade).

– María would explain to panic-stricken pensioners that, with her recipe, they would be alright.

– Pernille would review potential customers’ income documentation (provided she could find any that is) and, the day before signing millions of Euros worth of fraudulent Strategic Asset Allocation at the Notary Office, she would fly down from Denmark for a quick afternoon sum-up meeting with the client at the NH Hotel, or Guadalpin, meetings that generally lasted 45 minutes.

– Next morning, execution-day, the client would be led to the Notary Office to crystalize the fraud.

It is believed that Finansbanken, later called SparLolland and later taken over by Jyske Bank, sold a total of 20 million worth of Equity Release in Spain.


Can anyone locate Maria Tremurici-Falter?

ERVA is looking for María Tremurici-Falter, Marbella-based collaborator to the Senegal Consulate,  agent for Sparekassen Lolland A/S and the “first woman to run a financial company”.

Some Equity Customers wish to talk to her about the qualities of their Equity Release products, as advertised on Sur in English some years back (search Maria on this link), since it appears that the bank wants to now foreclose…


Sparlolland/Finansbanken on Equity Release Sales Techniques

For Sparlolland, previously Finansbanken A/S, selling a 2,5 million Euros Equity Release product to a Marbella-based artistic painter was a matter of discussion over a cofee, or two, at the Guadalpin Hotel.

We cannot even imagine what sort of bullshit was the poor man fed by Maria Tremurici-Falter, Marbella-based retiree that occupies her time doing anything from advising people on how to multiply their money by making the right decisions to organizing charity dinners, Michael “Mich” Weisz, a man that ran The Mortgage Company and is now awol,  and Pernille Bering, from the bank.

The unfortunate life-changing meeting lasted, according to the bank, between 1.5 hours and 2 hours, time enough for a painter devoted to German expressionism to digest a course on Danish-bond historic performances, Luxembourg-based Lex Life insurance wrappers taxation and the real meaning of Security Coverage Ratios.

Next morning, he was sitting in front of a Notary Public, these useless social parasites who actually do manage to do their work correctly: check that your face matches that of your passport.

Meet Sparekassen Lolland’s Agent for Spain

Maria Tremurici- Falter

Her name is Maria Tremurici-Falter and she has written millions of Euros worth of tax-evading equity release.

But we believe she must have resorted to other means to lure unsuspecting property owners to the Equity Release trap because the infantile sales-pitch below, surely, would have put anyone off straight away.


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