Pernille Bering   

ERVA is looking for witnesses that can testify that these two ladies, Pernille Bering and Maria Tremurici-Falter, attended a meeting at a hotel with an unsuspecting victim with a view to explain, in a matter of just over an hour, the advantages of a 2.5 million Strategic Allocation Product Equity Release to a German pensioner.

This product was the brainchild of some pen-pushing Finansbanken nerd whose credibility was established, prima facie, by the business suit he wore.

As it happened, the nerd was only interested in his salary, Pernille flew to Spain exclusively to sell an unregulated 2.5 million Euros financial product in a record time of an hour, the Strategic Asset Allocation fiasco, and Maria Tremurici, a Kristina Szekely wannabe, was dragged in to finally convince the German speaking customers of the beauties of this great Danish tax-evasion product.

Finansbanken, now infamous Jyske Bank, is soon to expand its Costa del Sol property porfolio once they commence repossession proceedings.