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A Company Owned by the Mayoress of Marbella Took Out a Nordea Equity Release


The Spanish Land Registry has confirmed that a company owned by María Angeles Muñoz and husband Lars Broberg, Crasel Panoramica S.L.,  took out an Equity Release mortgage loan with Nordea Bank S.A., based in Centro Plaza, Marbella.

The mortgage loan capital was €3,100,000 against a property -used as collateral- valued at over 4,5 million Euros.

We cannot confirm whether Lars or María Angeles are keen golfers, the prototypical victims of Jesper Hertz, Nordea Representation Office Manager, but what we do know is that the property was purchased in 2001, and the mortgage loan signed in 2010 (maturing in 2020).

We also know that Nordea Bank S.A. has accurately explained, in a promotional brochure no longer available online since 15 days before the interim hearing in a case against them -for misleading publicity-  (although cached by Google without Nordea IT ‘expert’ expecting it), how to go about the business of cheating the Spanish Tax Office.

These are some of the conclusions that must have convinced the Mayoress to buy this product:

Today’s investor is more likely to have amassed a fortune through personal effort.


This booklet has been devised as a basic guide for this new breed of investor and in particular for investors affected by Spanish tax and inheritance legislation.


Failure to take sufficient action of Spanish Inheritance Tax (which may be as high as 34%, or even above 80% in certain situations) in the wealth-planning process, may lead to an unexpected and financially unpleasant surprise for the heirs.


Fortunately, there are ways of mitigating both the wealth tax and the inheritance tax at the same time, one of which is to take up a mortgage.


Borrowers may take up a mortgage loan either at the time of the purchase of a Spanish property or after having owned the property for some time.


Clients appreciate our Nordic values – they differentiate us from our competitors.


Our Nordic values: integrity, impartiality, honesty, directness, flexibility, commitment, treating clients as individuals, we can make the difference.


(We are informed that the Somalian Bankers’ Association has announced a job vacancy for an expert on Nordea values…Jesper can you help?!)

It is suspected that they took out the Nordea flagship ‘international wealth and tax planning’ product , the Capital Managed Plan (CPM).

The Spanish Tax Office warned against using this product to reduce Wealth Tax and more significantly, Inheritance Tax.

The question is thereby one: victims or accomplices of a tax fraud scheme?

If the former, they should report the bank to the authorities and where not, we must conclude that they are suspects of a potential tax fraud situation.

Danske Bank Golfer John Ludskov

Danske´s John Lundskov golfing abilities ensured he could get many clients for his fraudulent Spanish Equity Release/Capital Assurance.

One of such clients has just passed away: he was Danish, just like Lundskov, and had sufficient funds to not have to beg, borrow, work or deal with evil bankers. And yet, he was sold the miracle product by Lundskov on grounds that his IHT exposure would be close to 80%.

His partner has now been left with a complicated situation: on the one side, she has documents from Danske Bank saying that this product is great to legally avoid taxes. On the other, Lundskov and Henrik Hjerrild Hansen are now nowhere to be seen when the tax thing is raised. And to make things even more complicated, the Spanish Tax Office has stated that under no circumstance is a loan a valid vehicle to avoid taxes in Spain, if it was not used to buy a home.

We will now formally demand from Danske Bank Luxembourg that they comply with their “tax avoidance” undertakings and foot the bill, as appropriate.

Rothschild Victim Julia Hilling in Hospital

Julia Hilling is making a quick recovery at the Costa del Sol Hospital after suffering a hip fracture.

We hope that she is soon out to continue the fight against Rothschild.


Farewell To One Of Our Members

It is with profound regret and sadness that the ERVA has to announce the death of D.T., a member of our association.

D.T. and his wife J.T had taken a complex equity release product through Nykredit and Sydbank, via the company Offshore Investment Brokers (OIB) in the belief that it would help, lawfully, alleviate death duties whilst providing an income stream, to complement their pensions. OIB was not regulated to operate in Spain. Sydbank had never applied for authorization to operate in Spain.

Nykredit was the lender while Sydbank managed proceeds of the loan. Losses on the portfolio had risen to 60% and they faced losing their home, previously unencumbered.

The death of Mr. D.T., according to the doctors, had been caused from a cerebral aneurysm precipitated by high blood pressure, a condition directly related to psychological stress.

The couple were residing in Mijas.

At ERVA we would like to thank D.T. for all his support. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family. May his memory be eternal.

Nordea Bank About to Evict a Pensioner

Nordea Bank Luxembourg’s expertise in tax optimisation for British expats in Spain ends with a pensioner about to be evicted from his home. The clock is ticking for this victim after putting his trust in Alan Graydon, unregulated unregistered pseudo-IFA, and Nordea Luxembourg, Nordea’s tax-evading specialist branch.

No doubt a great result of Nordea’s offer to keep the assets “in the family”.

And below is the comment of a distraught man:

On the 19th September NORDEA bank are applying to the court in Torrevieja to auction my villa and make me homeless – what a  way to finish your life. 3 years ago i had major surgery for cancer,- removed colon  rectum etc,-at 70 what next !!!


Danske Bank Luxembourg Agreed to Settle With an 85-year Old British Couple Not Before Extracting an Apology

Klaus “Monster” Pedersen, the same high-flying executive who thought to be above-board to sell his Spanish tax-evading equity release products to old-age pensioners, preferably through Costa-del-Sol financial cowboys, promising them it was a miracle-product (only to later make the advice disappear from the company website), found that further humiliating his victims by extracting an apology was correct, not before taking €300,000 from them. 

Humiliator-in-Chief Pedersen had to agree on a settlement after his company was approached by Sharon Bowles, MEP for the victims, but took great offence that the matter had “transpired” because in opaque Luxembourg, where he is based, washing dirty-linen in public was seen as a sacrilege, particularly with tax-evasion being high on the agenda.

Will he be asking for an apology from the largest Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, for stating that they actively promoted tax fraud through Costa-cowboys?

Interview of Two Rothschild Equity Release Victims

Antonio Flores of Lawbird interviews Julia Hilling (88) and Peter Cosgrove (78), two Rothschild and Hamilton’s victims.

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