Klaus Mønsted Pedersen, Managing Director of Danske Bank International (Luxembourg) and the man behind the products developed to provide efficient cross-border tax-planning seemingly ensured that, prior to launching his state-of-the-art Capital Assurance, a thorough compliance job had been carried out.

To that effect he tied up loose ends, dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, and attended to detail. Because detail mattered.

And to not leave anything to chance, the website conveys a clear message: that tax benefits adapt to local legislation, and to make sure that there is no mistake, such benefits for Spain are confirmed by no less than a Big Four, KPMG.

Spectacular display of Danish efficiency, in case we had any doubts; and not a chance in hell for those who signed up for the Capital Assurance + Spanish Hipoteca, two air-tight contracts drafted by top law firms that are virtually unbreakable.

Such is life.

Or so we thought…