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SLM Loses Again: Appeal Court reverses Court of 1st Instance Ruling

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The Appeal Court in Malaga has ordered the cancellation of a mortgage loan that was granted in favour of Surrenda Link Mortgages (SLM) on grounds that this company offered loans for investments but also, were linked to the management of the those investments when they were not licensed to do so, in Spain.  The ruling reverses a previous ruling by a Court in Marbella that ruled that SLM was not at fault.

SLM acumulates several adverse rulings, in spite of which they keep insisting that their Turnk Key Mortgage is and was lawful.

The claimant was represented in Court by Salvador Martinez Echeverria.

SLNMB Limited Looking for Spanish Lawyers

Interesting letter sent by Nicky Flux, from SLNMB, setting out the requirements to become one of their Panel Solicitors for representing them in signing up customers for their Turnkey Cash Release Mortgages. Alas, Nicky has forgotten to mention that they cannot operate in Spain because they have not duly applied for regulatory authorization!

Nicky, you should have made your Panel Lawyers aware that your company furthered a type of banking “piracy” in Spain because your company robbed innocent people of their wealth and health, not to mention the implications of making peaceful British expats accomplices of a tax fraud scheme.

Oh, we forgot to add that €500 to represent your company for acting illegally in Spain is hardly a fair emolument, SLMB’s so tight that it squeaks!

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