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Current Landsbanki (and Jyske Bank) Lawyers’ Offices Raided by Customs and Excise

Plazas Abogados’ offices in Sotogrande have been raided by 12 Customs and Excise Task Force officers a few hours ago, in connection to the arrest of former Spain’s Vicepresident Rodrigo Rato.

The Spanish Prosecutor ordered members of the Customs and Excise and National Police Forces, with the collaboration of San Roque Court Number 1, to search the offices for any sensitive information as part of a probe into allegations of potential money laundering and embezzlement.

The Spanish Prosecutor accuses Mr. Rato of regularising an unjustified and dubious money flow in 2012.

Plazas Abogados also advises Jyske Bank. 

 Judging by events sorrounding her choice of law firms, its been a pretty weekus horribilis for Yvette Hamilius. Then again, she’s never shied away from her bank’s tax evasion practices.



Landsbanki Equity Release Simply Explained

Surely lawyers representing the claimants in the criminal complaint against Landsbanki would have had this workflow diagram explaining how the Equity Release scheme was perpetrated.

Conversely, if the scam was so obvious, we wonder why lawyers acting for Landsbanki, if we consider them professionally able to resist the appeal of abundant legal fees, did not take exception to this aberrant product sold tranquil risk-averse retirees who had achieved in life a dreamed aim: having no mortgage.

How come did they no spot a clear deception marked by such a noticeable violation of the laws and the morals?

More and more questions to the participants who still today…observe a total yet suspicious silence.

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