SwissChoices is about Swiss Quality. And that is how it will be delivered to SwissChoices clients.

At ERVA, we often visualize Allan Graydon sitting at his kitchen table, in his underpants, thinking about how to drive new business in, and, upon coming up with new brilliant ideas, dialling one of the following numbers:

  • Nordea Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. Jhon Mortensen
  • Peter and Jane, caught up in the Landsbanki scam, asking for €500 to negotiate with infamous Yvette Hamilius.
  • BFI Consulting Frank R. Suess
  • Swiss Life Ivo Furrer
  • Mercadona Calahonda home delivery service.
  • Spririt Hairdressing and Beaty Salon, Nueva Andalucia
  • Norman Steele, long-standing pal and former partner, who fell foul of some national authorities for fraud.
  • Morten Remo Sorensen, current partner fined by the Spanish financial regulator (CNMV) for illegally offering financial investment services on behalf of consumers.