The ERVA has filed a criminal complaint, with date of¬†7th of November 2011,¬†against¬†Danske Bank, Nordea Bank, N M Rothschild & Sons, Lex Life & Pension, Landsbanki, Jyske Bank, Finansbanken, Nykredit, Sydbank¬†y Swiss Life, for allegedly conspiring to defraud hundreds of retired people¬†by¬†knowingly, without belief in its truth or reckelessly and carelessly whether it be true of false, attributing specific qualities to a product known as “Equity Release”. These qualities, both proven to be wrong,¬†were that the would a) provide an income and b) allow to lawfully dodge Spanish taxes.

A press release is taking place today, at 17.30, in Marbella, where the press will be made aware of the content of the claim, which is to be posted here shortly.