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Courts in Fuengirola to Interrogate Danske’s Managing Director

Klaus Mønsted Pedersen

Mr. Klaus “Monster” Pedersen has been requested to attend an interrogation at the Courts in Fuengirola in relation to his role in devising, approving and selling a tax evasion Equity Release Product.

Mr. Pedersen is the Managing Director of Danske Bank International S.A. and ultimately responsible for selling mortgages in Spain on the pretext that they would alleviate the burden of Spanish Inheritance Taxes. He is accused by a number of expats of fraudulent publicity.

Malaga Appeal Court Orders Danske to Pay Legal Costs

As a result of the decision taken by 3 Magistrates of the Malaga Appeal Court to reject an appeal lodged by Danske Bank International S.A., the lender has been ordered to pay costs.

Danske Bank lawyers were insistent that their representatives were not summoned to Court. Both the Court of First of Instance and the Malaga Appeal Court thought otherwise.

It will now be interesting to find out where did Danske Bank get the brilliant idea of offering mortgages on Spanish property to artificially reduce its value for tax purposes because KPMG says they did not.

Can Klaus “Mønster” Pedersen please shed some light on this conundrum?

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