Thick-skinned Yvette Hamilius resilience cannot be explained other than by assuming she has been paid a truckload of money, or blackmailed in some sordid manner, to endure the barrage of persistent attacks from hundreds who feel, and quite rightly may we add, totally conned by the company that she represents.

There is no need to transcribe the article that appeared on the Luxembourgeois online newpaper but we will add that, if lawyers acting for Ms. Anne Vershchaffel succeed in having foreclosure proceedings, brought by Jyske Bank, declared null and void due to using an unregulated valuation company from Girbraltar on a Spanish property, the 200 or so “customers” of Mrs. Hamilius will be able to sleep a bit better.

Because the concomitant effect of attaining this ruling is not only that Landsbanki will be barred from bringing foreclosure proceedings in Spain as they too used one of such unregulated businesses but also, that the mortgage loans would be automatically void by application of article 6.3 of the Spanish Civil Code:

Legal agreements that contravene obligatory or prohibitive laws are null and void, unless applicable laws envisage a different legal outcome.