Barclays´ letters seem to dig a hole deeper for them whether it is to insist about the inheritance tax benefits (they still believe it works!) of their Spanish Property Investment Secured Loan (“SPISL”) or, as it happens, to question how could have someone been possibly introduced to Henry Woods Investment Managers,  of all agents.

Letter. Click on Image for full PDF version (1.3 Mb)


In this latest missive, it says that the banks is not providing advice to you about your own position so you may wish to take your independent advice, but I would hope that you take some comfort from the Bank’s conclusion. And their conclusion is that the bank has satisfied that the scheme is not illegal.

It then says that our records do not detail how you were introduced to HWIM…. perhaps this photo can clarify this seemingly unsolvable enigma, as well as how one ends up dealing with Barclays, offering tax evasion products, from the very heart of the City.

Once again, the rats abandon the sinking ship!