A San Roque Court has voided an earlier ruling granting Landsbanki the right to proceed with foreclosure action.

Lawyers acting for a victim of the distinctly corrupt Yvette Hamilius have opposed foreclosure proceedings on grounds that these were flawed, obtaining a resolution that sets aside action although, contrary to law in the opinion of lawyers, grants a further 15 days to Landsbanki to redressess the defect.

Lawyers acting for Landsbanki are Madrid-based Cuatrecasas, a firm that assisted both Landsbanki and Lex Life in the launch of the Equity Release and have ever since acted for the rogue company in both civil and criminal actions.

Bizarrely, Cuatrecasas recently vowed to take legal action against the same firms for using their name -allegedly illegally- in the advertising.

Lawyers for Equity Release victims are close to deciding on whether this firm is to be sued together with Landsbanki and Lex Life as a participant in the devising, creation and launch of the consumer-deceiving tax-evading Equity Release product.

A decision in favour of including the large firm could be precipitated by a recent statement made by lawyers acting for Landsbanki in the San Roque Criminal Courts who, in what can be deemed as a totally irresponsible comment, confirmed that the Equity Release is a valid and popular product to reduce IHT in Spain.