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    I was reading the Costa Del Sol Action Group site yesterday and there is a report there about the court case against Rothchilds. It seems to have gone well and spectators in the court were pretty upbeat.
    Link to this page is http://www.costa-action.co.uk

    • We live in Mazarron,Murcia and we are sure there must be others like ourselves who were caught by this mortgage scam of Hamilitons,Premier,SLM etc.Anyone in the same position living in this area,Murcia,Cartagena,Camposol etc.If so please post a message on ERVA and we can help each other.Give us your email and we can answer you privately or on…[Read more]

  • My thoughts exactly! Ive been figting Banco del Gottardo /Swiss Life for 7 years & with no correspondence from them, or updating since a year ago from Lawbird, am wondering what on earth is happening to mine & […]

    • Hello Celiag.
      It may be wise to get in touch with your lawyers and ask for an update.

      • Thank you for replying & I would have sent you this post as a private email but don’t know to.
        I have sent emailed requests for updates or left my phone number in 2014: 24thMarch,10th April,
        4th Aug, 6th Aug,9th Sept, 23rd Sept, 17th Nov – none of which have been replied to!
        The last time I managed to get through to Antonio was 8th May when…[Read more]

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    Eddie, did you receive an answer to your question to Antonio re. court date?

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    Congratulations on a good result for Busted Flush!
    Has anyone else got their claim filed into court & awaiting a hearing?

  • I certainly do. He acted on my behalf & after 3 years of being left in the dark etc. etc., I dispensed with his services & went with another well-known solicitor. Another 3 years have passed & I am getting the […]

  • celiag posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    Has anyone any information about the outcome of court case against Rothchilds heard today at Marbella?????

  • celiag posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago

    No, I haven´t heard of this miracle.
    At the risk of being over-simplistic, what I am having trouble understanding is as the Hacienda have officially announced the IHT advertised element is fraud, & CNMV have officially stated that certain banks/financial instituations have been operating “clandestinely & furtively” & without a Spanish licence,…[Read more]

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  • Hi I am fairly new to the group.. Has any one appointed a solicitor called
    Salvadore (at Cremedes). Recommended by the Costa del Sol action group (via John
    Parsons) and receiving little or no updates?… feeling totally isolated and in
    the dark having forwarded thousands of Euros to a solicitor who presented and
    promised a unique organisation…[Read more]

    • I am afraid you are not on your own. You will find many instances from comments on this web site stating the same.

    • I am one also

    • Well I have to say I am very surprised at these comments. If you were talking about IURA I could understand the frustration, they took thousands off us for nothing. Salvador doesnt update much its true but we have been told we will probably have a preliminary hearing before Christmas. We shall see if I get an eggy face or not.

      • Regarding Mr Salvador from next month I will be setting in his office and wait for him,and ask some question. We all suppose to be in Court by now!!

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    Now that the papers relating to the case against Rothchilds have been filed into court, (June 7th), whilst I am with another bank, I´m sure there are a lot of victims that would be interested to know what happens next?
    Does anyone know, please?

    • Hello Celiag. According to our Lawyers, Lawbird. Antonio has explained to erva that the papers will be accepted into court and a date given for an initial hearing. At his hearing both parties will present to the judge or judges all the evidence which they rely on to prove their case. After which the judge will set a date for the hearing. Normally…[Read more]

  • From what I understand from my solicitor SLM are refusing to acknowledge any communications. Think papers will have to be served on them in England.

  • We have paid Salvador €2000+€700 for translations and a further €7000 to be paid which hasn’t been asked for yet. I would not be happy to pay any more yet until our claim has been sent to the court in view of what […]

  • We are with SLM and they are as legit as any other company mentioned on this site. We were sold thru Churchills who have name changed or been bought out so many times we have lost count.
    Because we have been told […]

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    Good news about Madrids official acceptance of ERVA.
    Swiss Life never seems to get a mention so could you please include them under “Groups” as it may encourage other to come forward.
    I know there were at least 11 people signed up through Graydons, both in Marbella (Malaga) & Denia (Alicante).
    I am 1 of the members & I know Sem44 is also.

    • Both erva and Antonio Flores are well aware of Swiss Life. Nordea Bank SA through their office & chief representative in Marbella one Jesper Hertz used Swiss Life in their dealings with their clients in the Alicante area for all equity release schemes under 1 million euro. For 1 million and above they used their own sister company Nordea Life &…[Read more]

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    To Sem44. Thank you for the info-I was beginning to think I was the only 1 with Swiss Life. They don´t even reply to solicitors letters but as my plan ends this month, I am expecting to hear from them soon!!! When does your plan end?

    • I have sent a letter to them too – still waiting for reply…..then I will complain to regulators in Madrid as advised by Antonio Flores´info page. Our deal ends in 5 years time but the fund has lost so much I have been waiting for them to chase. Let me know if you hear anything as your loan comes to an end. Thanks for replying to the post.

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    My equity release scheme is now with Swiss Life, Switzerland, who bought it from the originating bank, Banco del Gottardo,Switzerland. The end of my 5 year plan is in May & although Antonio Flores is including me in the class action, what happens if nothing is resolved when the time runs out? So, so worrying!

    • I am also with swiss. have written to them about this but received no reply. Will let you know what they say if they reply. Also with Antonio Flores.

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