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    I was reading the Costa Del Sol Action Group site yesterday and there is a report there about the court case against Rothchilds. It seems to have gone well and spectators in the court were pretty upbeat.
    Link to this page is http://www.costa-action.co.uk

    • We live in Mazarron,Murcia and we are sure there must be others like ourselves who were caught by this mortgage scam of Hamilitons,Premier,SLM etc.Anyone in the same position living in this area,Murcia,Cartagena,Camposol etc.If so please post a message on ERVA and we can help each other.Give us your email and we can answer you privately or on…[Read more]

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    In reply to: janus posted an update I want to get contact with victims of SLNNMB, ms Nicky Flux View

    Hi Janus,I have sent you a private message

    • hi mikej
      saw message. Have problem whit this site to overview what is going on with slm. how many on this site is victim of them.
      who is representing them.
      which lawyers are good, and work for the money.
      do anybody know who was the agent of slm in 2005.
      How do you create a group about slm

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    In reply to: admin wrote a new post, Rothschild Directors Sought by Denia Court Mark Coutanche and Stephen Dewsnip have been requested to turn up at the Denia Court to be notified of criminal charges being bought against […] View

    A similar situation has occurred with SLM,when court papers were attempted to be served at their registered business address in Madrid it was found that they were no longer there but no new address had been registered. It seems everyone is hiding from the court process. If these companies are so sure they are in the right you would think they…[Read more]

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  • From what I understand from my solicitor SLM are refusing to acknowledge any communications. Think papers will have to be served on them in England.

  • We have paid Salvador €2000+€700 for translations and a further €7000 to be paid which hasn’t been asked for yet. I would not be happy to pay any more yet until our claim has been sent to the court in view of what […]

  • We are with SLM and they are as legit as any other company mentioned on this site. We were sold thru Churchills who have name changed or been bought out so many times we have lost count.
    Because we have been told […]

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