• Hi I am fairly new to the group.. Has any one appointed a solicitor called
    Salvadore (at Cremedes). Recommended by the Costa del Sol action group (via John
    Parsons) and receiving little or no updates?… feeling totally isolated and in
    the dark having forwarded thousands of Euros to a solicitor who presented and
    promised a unique organisation…[Read more]

    • I am one also

    • Well I have to say I am very surprised at these comments. If you were talking about IURA I could understand the frustration, they took thousands off us for nothing. Salvador doesnt update much its true but we have been told we will probably have a preliminary hearing before Christmas. We shall see if I get an eggy face or not.

      • Regarding Mr Salvador from next month I will be setting in his office and wait for him,and ask some question. We all suppose to be in Court by now!!

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