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    In reply to: HarryG posted an update As you can see from the web site there are a number of erva members Rothschild vicitms. It is true that Rothschild are trying to distance themselves from this fraudulent scheme by claiming […] View

    Thank you HarryG, I had heard of Antonio Flores, in fact he has offered to take on both cases BUT is saying he will want €3000 each for court costs. I have asked him if he has any other Rothchild victims but have had no reply. You can understand I want to check this all very carefully, it’s good to hear about the evidence tying Rothschild in w…[Read more]

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    I have just discovered this site and have signed up this morning. My father and his partner both signed up to separate equity release schemes funded by Rothschild. I understand the bank are distancing themselves from the product. My parents have not yet taken action, any recommendations from anyone on here? Has anyone had any luck yet?

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