• celiag posted an update 8 years, 4 months ago

    Now that the papers relating to the case against Rothchilds have been filed into court, (June 7th), whilst I am with another bank, I´m sure there are a lot of victims that would be interested to know what happens next?
    Does anyone know, please?

    • Hello Celiag. According to our Lawyers, Lawbird. Antonio has explained to erva that the papers will be accepted into court and a date given for an initial hearing. At his hearing both parties will present to the judge or judges all the evidence which they rely on to prove their case. After which the judge will set a date for the hearing. Normally within 1 to 3 months depending on the court diary. Normally the trrial will take 1 day. It is difficult to guess the date of the intitial hearing as it depends on how busy the courts are. However, Lawbird issued proceedings last Novemebr against Nordea Bank in the same court. In January the Mercantile Court gave a date for the case to be heard in October. So this particular court seems to be very quick. If Lawbird are successful with this case. then it must put all banks on the back foot.