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    A parliamentary group is to call for a crackdown on scam pension schemes
    The Daily Mail exposed tens of thousands had lost up to £10billion in the scams
    Army veterans, police officers and firemen were among the workers affected
    Many of the victims relied on the fact the schemes were registered with…[Read more]

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    Hello All, in February, 2019, we had a call from Salvadore to say that our case had been won in Bilbao, BUT SLM were going to contest the decision. We had a call last week to say that once again we had won our case in the Supreme Court in Madrid BUT SLM were considering contesting again!Salvador thought that it was unlikely to go ahead. At the…[Read more]

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  • On September 23rd, the First Instance Courts No 2 in Novelda (Alicante) pronounced a sentence whereby a false equity release scheme, signed up by an octogenarian British couple in 2007,  was rendered void […]

    • I doubt if Caixa Bank are worried. They will appeal, the Supreme Court will sit on it for God knows how long and the plaintiffs will pass away before the case is settled. How many of the plaintiffs involved with the Bilboa SLM judgement are still alive?

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    Will be at the court case on the 12th November 2019 any one else going.

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    Wondering how the Rothschild “defending themselves” case is going??

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  • Esperanza Broz Martorell, presiding over Court
    of First Instance 4 in Fuengirola, has declared that 9 mortgage loans worth
    close to 4 million Euros taken out by British property owners with
    Chesire-based […]

    • It is now more than 20 days since the court ruling. Has SLM accepted their fate or have they appealed to the Supreme Court in Madrid just like the Bilboa judgement?

      • Dear Lancelot,
        We are still waiting for the court to confirm whether an appeal has been filed or not.
        Kind regards,

    • How much longer do we have to wait for a response from SLM or the Spanish Courts?

      • Dear Lancelot,

        The information provided here is only general and details of each case are only provided to those clients who are part of the legal action. If you are one of the claimants, we suggest you contact your solicitor who will likely be able to provide you with all the details.

        Kind regards,

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  • N.M. Rothschild & Sons has taken the legal defense of the Equity Release (ER) cases in Spain as a matter of life or death.

    In a very generous interpretation of Spanish procedural laws that allow parties to […]

    • pjames replied 1 year ago

      And so the charade goes on. Logically I cannot understand why Rothschild are taking such steps. Surely Rothschild marketing/sales and all there corresponding literature given out to their victims is clear as day. And it cannot be overturned by both past employees or current employees. First, for example the Hacienda (Spanish Tax Office) have deemed that the scheme is anything but IHT tax efficient. Other courts in similar cases against other banks have ruled the same, both on the matter of IHT and other reasons. This scheme is “WHAT IT IS” fraudulent to say the least.

    • pjames replied 1 year ago

      And so the charade goes on. What Rothschild can gain from such tactics is hard to comprehend and makes little sense, except of course as anothe delaying tactic. The sales and marketing literature is clear and the benefits stated regarding IHT do not exist as the Tax Office has ruled and has other courts ruled in the past. No Rothschild employee or past employee can overturn this ruling or convince any judge to the contrary. The scheme IS WHAT IT IS” simply FRAUDULENT.

    • Very simple question Dean Murphy was an unregistered IFA in Spain therefore is that even legal under Spanish law.

    • Phony “financial advisors” in association with illegal “product providers” are always financed by a large international Banks (The multi-million fraudsters Premier Group was backed by RBS).
      These crooks have been stealing money from elderly people living in Spain for over 50 years and nobody has been able to effectively stop them. Yet.

      For every 1,000 victims less than 1% obtain any compensation for the loss of their homes and lifetime savings. The Banks continue in this theft knowing they will rarely be prosecuted – and this is why when they are subject to Court proceedings they will use their huge £financial muscle to avoid being found guilty.

      The Banks have bottomless pockets – and other (less savoury) influences….

    • Dear Lancelot,
      There are several ongoing court cases in Denia, each one has its own hearings.

    • Does anybody know when the Rothschild case will come to court in Denia?

    • Dear Johanna,
      Please note that we are unable to provide you with exact informaiton about court cases in Denia as there are several actions going on in that area. We suggest you contact your solicitor who will be able to provide you with all the details. The same applies to the court case to be held in November in Malaga.
      Kind regards

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  • It has been a while since our last post, but things have been fairly quiet in the litigation front, save for Landsbanki’s cases.

    Undeterred by recent rotund judicial response against Equity Release […]

    • And so it goes on. Landsbanki will try everything in the book to deny the rights of Spanish residents. Perhaps is is their last throw of the dice, but I would not bet on it. Of course they would like to have these cases transferred to Luxembourg, where financially they would be difficult to bring to the courts. Of course The Luxembourg courts would look favourably on Landsbanki.

      I take my hat of to Lawbird who are fighting for the rights of their clients who ar Spanish residents. What they don’t seem to realise is that Lawbird will never give up this fight. As Sir Winston Churchill said “WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER”

  • https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/sep/21/is-money-laundering-scandal-at-danske-bank-the-largest-in-history?fbclid=IwAR2osvtEM3eMULwa_Hjg8ZqJII_lvzarJgznBd-_lhHJdR9ZLrktAF800m4#img-1

    Check out the above newspaper report of the Guardian about Danske Bank. These thieving bankers are being investigated at long last and have been uncovered…[Read more]

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