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  • Court of First Instance 11 in Bilbao has accepted a motion by claimants to enforce proceedings against SLM and ordered the following:

    The freezing of assets owned by SLM to cover as much as 6,262,574 […]

    • Wonderful, wonderful result!

      What is glaringly obvious is that the governments and regulatory authorities of the countries which allow these people to operate their scams from know all about their illegal activities.

      But despite full knowledge of suspected criminality the regulatory authorities on the Isle of Man (in particular) Guernsey and Luxemburg habitually fail to respond to allegations of misselling, deception and fraud submitted to them by hundreds of innocent victims of financial scams.

      The governments of these countries play “Stupid Like a Fox” … protecting the illicit activities of their resident financial services industries by pretending that they are too stupid to know what is happening.
      But once irrefutable evidence emerges that offences are being conducting from their miserable tax havens they face a dilemma as to whether to continue acting as “Mr Stupid” or change characters and become “Mr. Fox”.

      Psychiatrist identify this predicament as “multiple personality disorder” … a condition where a person’s identity fragments into two distinct personality states both competing to take control . These people may also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

      The net result is that criminals are tolerated (sometimes encouraged) on these islands until it becomes impossible to disguise their activities … unfortunately the “regulators” wait far too long playing Mr Stupid before switching to the role of Mr Honest Fox.

      The simple solution is to never to conduct any financial transactions in these disgusting places.

  • International Property Finance Spain Limited (“IPFSL”), an unregulated corporate ramification of sinister N.M. Rothschild & Sons, is the next entity on the long list of Equity Release providers whose […]

    • Wonderful news for the victims of this nauseating scam – and also for the thousands of elderly people who were also scammed by similar products offered by the Premier Group (Isle of Man) Ltd – the company who were to receive some of the equity released from the Credit Select Series 4 loan to invest in Premier’s totally useless “investment funds” …

      This ruling finally establishes that “financial product providers” operating this (and similar scams) were working illegally by establishing important legal precedents:-…

      * That an “intermediary/advisor” who is authorized by a “product provider” and who is operating as an “investment services company” on behalf of the “product provider” that, despite there not being any contract linking both parties, and whether contractually linked or being a free agent, the actions of the “intermediary/advisor” fully benefit the “product provider” who also did not oppose such actions. Thereby imposing responsibility for the actions of the “intermediary/advisors” onto the “product providers” who benefit from the “advisor’s” actions.

      * That a “product provider” is operating illegally if it appoints an unqualified, unlicensed and unregulated “advisor” to assist in promoting their financial products, and then misrepresents the incompetent advisor as “professional financial advisor” even though the “advisor” demonstrably lacks the appropriate skills,
      knowledge and experience to properly distribute complex (and unworkable) financial products and funds.

      * That marketing complex financial products as a retail product to vulnerable elderly people knowing that the product’s characteristics are wholly inappropriate for unsophisticated investors simply looking for a safe haven to preserve their life time savings and assets is illegal.


    • Sinister NM Rothschild just about sums it up. Well done Salvador.

    • Sinister NM Rothschild, who own the world. Justice has prevailed

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