• lancelot posted an update 8 years, 10 months ago

    Reports refering to the latest judgment from the Spanish Courts seem very positive and I hope that those caught up in the Luxemburg & Iceland banks swindles will obtain a satisfactory outcome. Does anybody know whether this decision will effect the people conned by Henry Woods and other “finacial advisers” and the monies placed with SLM and Premier Balanced Funds?

    • Hi Lancelot. Our plan through Antonio, is to issue as many writs as we can to various courts against several banks asking for the mortgage loan to be declared “null & void” where appropriate. It really makes no difference whether it is a bank an unregulated IFA or Mortgage Company, if they fall into one of the categories mentioned in the posts you can see. We had a very long meeting with Antonio yesterday and we are of the opinion that as soon as we get one positive ruling from the courts and successfully win our case (which will only be a matter of time, then these obnoxious institutioins will fall one by one. Antonio has over the last 18 months prepared numerous templates for different actions and it will be a relative simple excercise to dot the eyes and cross the T’s for his clients. Keep logging on as we discover new material on a weekly basis.