• janus posted an update 5 years, 6 months ago

    I want to get contact with victims of SLNNMB, ms Nicky Flux

    • Hi Janus,I have sent you a private message

      • hi mikej
        saw message. Have problem whit this site to overview what is going on with slm. how many on this site is victim of them.
        who is representing them.
        which lawyers are good, and work for the money.
        do anybody know who was the agent of slm in 2005.
        How do you create a group about slm

    • We have won the case against SLM, won in Denia Court, in high court Alicante, now for 2 years waiting for result of the high court in Madrid.
      Does anyone know how long time that will take.

      Until now we waited 2 years!