• HarryG posted an update 11 years, 6 months ago

    As you can see from the web site there are a number of erva members Rothschild vicitms. It is true that Rothschild are trying to distance themselves from this fraudulent scheme by claiming that they had nothing to do with the actual selling but purely loanded the money. Unfortunately for them we have lots of hard data, advertisements, launching ceremony data that ties them in with the various non registered IFA’s. I have heard that proceedings have been taken out by various law firms although I don’t know when these are likely to come to court. If you have not already done so I suggest that you get in touch with the ERVA lawyers Lawbird Marbella. Antonio Flores and his colleagues have numerous writs in the pipeline. You may be able to access them on this site if not just check on the Internet

    • Thank you HarryG, I had heard of Antonio Flores, in fact he has offered to take on both cases BUT is saying he will want €3000 each for court costs. I have asked him if he has any other Rothchild victims but have had no reply. You can understand I want to check this all very carefully, it’s good to hear about the evidence tying Rothschild in with the non-registered IFAs (Hamiltons Mojacar in our case).