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    Could someone please give me an update as to what is happening with regards to Rothschild court case as I am currently not in Spain. I have read some of the information posted here. Are we joining with Mercia, have we sent the court in Malaga the details for Rothschild offices here in Spain. WHAT IS EXACLY GOING ON. Feedback would be nice.

    • I am in a minority with a lesser bank i.e. Banco del Gottardo/Swiss Life & ANY update from ANY source would be very welcome!
      However, it was very disconcerting to learn that there are no precedents in Spain UNLESS 3 identical in every aspect cases are sent to Madrid for approval to be set as a precedent. So those of us who were anxiously awaiting a favourable outcome from those cases already filed into court thinking that it would set a precedent for our own case, wrong!!!