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    Hi,everyone,although I’ve been in this mess with you all,I had trouble trying to join this group,well now I have ‘thank God’.So we’re all playing the waiting game for the wheels to roll,and the courts.There isn’t a day goes by,that I think I’m going to lose my home that I (and all of you)have worked so bloody hard for,Well all my faith is in Antonio,and I know he will do all he possibly can,Chris,

    • Hi chrissie22. Welcome to erva, we are glad you took the time to register with our merry band. As you can see from our web site we are very active, even though we only have a few dedicated members on our team. I really believe we are making some headway and we are blessed with having Antonio Flores working with us to make sure we post correct and non inflamatory posts that could result in our being sued by the banks. You will have noticed that there has not been one occasion when we have been threatened by any bank, which goes to show that they are well aware of the fraud they have committed. Keep posting comments on our website no matter how insignificant you feel they may be. We have lots of hits from journalists, lawyers, accountants and the like. We have also been included on the British Embassy web site in Madrid. The Embassy are aware of what is happening, however their hands are tied to some extent as it is not within their remit to lobby on our behalf. Hopefully they are doing some work behind the scenes, which we will never get to know about. We have to keep fighting to save our homes and our retirement lives.