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    regarding the thread about Rothschild having to approve any investments suggested by IFA’s, I have come across a letter from Henry Woods dated 27 March 2007 on just this subject. If you are interested in seeing a copy, perhaps you would let me know how best I can scan and send it to you

    • Bermingham was/is an IFA recognised by Rothschild, and has an active IFA company providing financial advice to many expats.

      Seemingly he has provided ‘unbelievable’ information to this client and it is possible that a number of other people were provided with similar information and entered into ‘dismal’ funds as a consequence and ‘lost a packet’!

      (I know Bermingham contacted lots and lots of Roths people, and certainly moved a number of funds around at c 2% a time…..)

      I expect Bermingham has PI insurance – so anyone who has entered a ‘dismal’ fund following down-right miss-leading advice would, I believe, have a cause of action with the possibility of achieving a payout….

      • I also was given Bermingham as my IFA,and entered into ‘dismal’ funds and ‘lost a packet’,what an “absolutely brilliant piece of financial advice” we had,can someone tell me why he is still trading…..Thank God for Antonio !!!!!!!!