• karen posted an update 8 years ago

    I think we all know what Rothschild have been up to in the past and still at it today. That is to prey on the weak and ill informed public with lie after lie. Rothschild are masters at it even with their own breed, it would seem. It is a disease with them, they cannot stop ripping people off. A classic example being the illegal equity release scheme, they as a bank from their Jersey branch sold in Spain. Knowing of course that they could not sell it in the UK as it was banned, did they care, of course not, it was all down to what could they and their managers get out of it in the way of bonuses. What is really interesting in this article is that the Daily Mail have had the courage to report this. Only recently an article denouncing the Rothschild Bank and regime was, after a short time pulled from the Internet, well the comments were, perhaps because they were threatened with a backlash. Well done to you Daily Mail, lets see if you now have the courage to keep all comments available for the public to read.