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    Danske Bank International, Luxembourg, was purchased for 250.000.000 euros by United Banking Privee of Switzerland, and they still do not repay the money scammed from me from 2004 until now. The Coin Court of the First Instance sentenced Danske Bank in December 2021 to cancel mortgages and insurance policies and declare them null and void….NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE! Now I learn directly from Danske Bank and Hispania PTG 1, SLU, of Madrid that my debit account has been purchased by Hispania. My lawyers, Antonio Flores and Juan Martinez of Lawbird.com are now pursuing a negotiation with Hispania. What right does Danske Bank have to pass my account to a debt collection company such as Hispania without creating a settlement with the lawyers acting for me!! This appears like a typical Danske Bank scam AGAIN. They have been heavily fined for handling Russian Black Money and fined for their activity in the Panama Papers (another money laundering). Its time the directors of Danske Bank are taken to task, sentenced to imprisonment because the heavy fines don’t work. They can run but they cannot hide. Followme every day on Twitter when I insult UBP, Danske and Hispania ….. all for theft and scamming!! They can run but the cannot hide from me of my lawyers