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    Today I have posted into Rothschilds victims group a film made on French television where the investigators question “THE BARON” Rothschild face to face over the Inheritance Tax fraud of victims in the South of Spain. Antonio Flores demonstrates some of the illegal misleading publicity produced by Rothschilds Bank at Seminars on the Costa del Sol, one of which was at the Tamisa Hotel and offered by Adrian Church. From 49 minutes onwards is the most interesting part as the film is one hour long. see https://youtu.be/xzuyU9U1POc
    You will see “THE BARON” (self named by the way) squirming in his chair when confronted with the evidence and publicity produce to him with the charges that it is illegal and fiscal fraud….he gets up and leaves after saying he is ASTONISHED….Excellent entrapment!!!
    All this is more evidence against the deceiving bankers such as Nordea, Danske, Jyske and Barclays