• euaninspain posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    There has been a terrible bomb shell around Mike McGuinness who appears to have led half of the victims into the Hamilius trap and there is evidence of bungs and corruption from a member of the original law firm as he bribed, allegedly, some of the top people to steer the case away from any criminal proceedings and take the group down the Civil route where Criminal charges would be dropped. This came just as the correctional Court in Paris is about to open the case and where there is clear evidence of money laundering by the administrator and her team and complaints should also have been lodged in Spain as there is ample evidence of her role in the laundering.
    Clients had funds disappear into companies that are now being exposed in Panama papers as lawyers have not had time to go through Panama Papers files and so they are being put on FB to try to help see the extent of Luxembroug offshore.
    It is well worth checking on your documents to see if names pop up in the offshore list as this is how the funds get out of Luxembroug into Money Heaven where no one can trace them. The evidence of these companies is being found in our files. It will be the same for other Luxembroug banks.
    There is a money laundering case against the administrations of these banks who know of the OFFSHORE disappearing acts and of course PwC in the background filling to the tune.
    The Landsbanki victims have had information withheld and the biggest help to them was your article informing them that there was a bizarre case which they bizarrely lost.
    Without this article they would have gone further into the trap which we fear they cannot get out of. Half of them did not follow the catastrophic negotiation attempt behind our backs, with Hamilius, which will be used by her. Her biggest fear is the money laundering charge as the evidence is clear and perhaps even more so in the Spanish cases as they go further back than those in France..