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    Why do we hear no report from the Court in Benidorm? The lawyer accusing DANSKE BANK of misleading his client by false advertising called me to give evidence against DANSKE by appearing in Court in Marbella with my two Lawyers (Antonio Flores and his partner Luis) and a translator by video link between the two Courts. In the final event after waiting for three and a half hours in the Court rooms we were informed the video link could not be established. We were made aware that the Court had convened in Benidorm and the evidence had been posted in Court there against DANSKE BANK.
    Since then until now we have been given no information on the proceedings of that meeting.
    It appears to me that Spanish Courts either do not pass judgements at any time neither do they pass on any information to the victims of these awful personal losses. Time grinds on and we are getting closer to closing in on these thieving bankers

    • Video link could not be established sound’s similar to the recording failure in the Marbella court.

    • Well well well, I think we can see how its going to go in the future. Unbelievable, two incidences of technological failure, inexcusable these days.
      the Marbella court needs to upgrade its equipment if it is to deliver any form of justice what soever.

    • By the way it took 7 months for the marbella court to advise us that the recording equipment had failed and I dont think they would have done anything at all had Salvador not asked for it.
      This is not good. We have an appeal next year in Malaga if the wind doesnt blow the building over.!