• chrissie22 posted an update 10 years, 9 months ago

    I have also been in touch today with Mike Harvey from the Action Fraud office in Manchester,he already knew about my position as he has spoken with other ‘victims’,I have given him my report,and he is passing it on to the Fraud police,and as Ian said,the more reports about these con-men the better.Mike rang me back,which was even better.So will wait and see what happens there.

    • Chrissie, In my opinion you should sack your IFA especially since he is still taking fees from you. Since your case is going to Court make sure the IFA knows this and also inform him you are a member of ERVA and are raising a criminal action against the bank. But by all means talk to Antonio and keep him in the picture as to what you are doing and he in turn will keep you posted with whatever action is being raised against the bank in the Court