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    Fire Gladiator can turn Mage Blue and Melee Red. While it’s possible to kill him fast but it’s almost impossible. The Gladiator’s Key will be dropped. To finish the quest return to Varce. Are you sure he’s gone? He was killed by me. The race of your Gladiators are free now.

    Thank you. In the name of the Gladiators I am offering you this. You are a Gladiator. I’m asking (player name) whether you’d like to become a Gladiator. Yes, I would. It’s incredible! The ship is also here, I believe! Enjoy these benefits!

    Another Feautre here, is the Gladiator Arena Mini-Quest, in the following section of this article. However, there are still numerous monsters and training locations. One of them is the caged prison. Five Monsters are available: Ogre (53), Wolf (54) Mountain Troll (69) and Lesser Demon (82).

    They are great to train Range as well as Mage. There is also an open environment to practice Melee. Four monsters reside within this environment. There are four monsters in this environment: Ogre (53), Wolf (44) and Lesser Demon (882). Ankou (75-86).

    Mini-Quest Gladiator Arena. The reason behind All Great Gladiators, is a way to improve their skills. This is more than just an adventure. This is the best method to boost the Gladiator level. First, to begin this I will list the REQUIRMENTS!

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