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    Assembling your preferred team, acquiring players, and guiding them to glory is something that hits home with sports fans and Madden’s approach to Franchise mode has seen a few exciting new features this year. These noteworthy features include staff points as well as talent trees, and a improved team collaboration. They all contribute well to Franchise mode.

    Scouting is also revamped, and has been improved in most aspects and we’re now able to get a more in-depth outlook on new players that are selected in the draft. The league also holds meetings in the locker room as well as press conferences throughout the season. This allows players to learn more about the general structure of the league and how other players respond to the league’s rules.

    It’s without doubt the best design the mode has seen in a long time as it appears the most attention has been paid to franchise mode this time around. It’s the highlight of the year’s Madden due to the Home Field Advantages.

    Madden Ultimate Team is perhaps the most played mode in games like FIFA or MLB The Show. However it’s been under fire in recent times. It’s heavily geared towards players who pay for the mode or use frequently.

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