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    What is the best balance between the gear of skill and gear drops, in terms of effectiveness and availability? Do you accept that the value of drop tables could fall? If so, what is the fall in drop table values? Is it OK for low-level material to be less effective or less useful? Is it important that alternate abilities are safeguarded? Do you think it is essential to safeguard the advantages that the player worked long and hard to achieve?

    Do benefits the player has received merit protection? Are newer or older content more valuable to safeguard? Do you believe that content with higher quality is more important than content that is less valuable? Is it acceptable for content to be transformed into useless content if it enhances other content. Do you prefer having two viable, but mediocre alternatives, or just one great alternative and one that is terrible?

    What is the importance of be able to have different paths to mastery to accommodate different styles of play. Will the overwhelming majority just use the “best” one? How important is inflation? How important is it for players? What risks can be taken to fight it? The risks listed above are more dangerous than inflation? What percentage of PVMers decide to become PVMers merely because it is more lucrative? What proportion of them would prefer being skilled when they had the choice?

    How can we ensure a relative degree of asymmetry between different styles? If it’s necessary, how can make something less enjoyable without causing it to be a distraction for the people who enjoy it? A minigame such as mining shafts is needed to keep the gameplay in balance. How much raw money (and/or alchables) can players earn in order to trade for items?

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